Harrods announces Graduate Competition winners

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Harrods announces Graduate Competition winners

Harrods are delighted to announce that two winners have been selected for the Harrods Graduate Competition in partnership with the British Fashion Council (BFC) Colleges Council.  Amelia Chester from Northumbria University and Jessica Madden from the University of Westminster have both won a year’s paid internship working alongside the Harrods own label Buying Team on design, development and the retail experience.
Course tutors from many of the UK’s leading design courses, who are members of the BFC’s Colleges Council, nominated the strongest portfolios from this graduating year for consideration.  Amelia and Jessica were both chosen to undertake a one month training placement, learning different aspects of the Harrods business.
A senior panel of judges including Anne Tyrrell, Chair of the BFC Colleges Council, Caroline Rush, CEO BFC and Marigay McKee, Fashion and Beauty Director, Harrods chose the winning graduates based on their portfolio, written case study and final presentation that not only shows exceptional design ability but also encapsulates the Harrods customer and illustrates product styling that meets the customer's needs.
Caroline Rush, CEO   BFC, commented "This competition is a fantastic opportunity for the BFC Colleges Council students to gain an invaluable insight to one of the world’s best retailers. Amelia and Jessica were two exceptionally strong finalists. I’m delighted Harrods has decided to employ both graduates as they complemented one another very well’.
Marigay McKee, Director of Fashion and Beauty, Harrods, said ‘“I am thrilled that through this new initiative in partnership with the BFC, Harrods will offer graduates the opportunity to experience the fashion business first hand.  Both of the finalist's presentations perfectly captured the Harrods customer, showing different strengths.  We loved Amelia’s beautiful womenswear illustrations of classics with a twist, whilst we were impressed with Jessica’s commercial childrenswear designs.  Choosing one winner proved impossible, so we decided to offer them both an internship.  We look forward to having them on board.”