La Disco Inferno

Hannah Robertson

Location: Manchester ,United Kingdom
University/College: Manchester Metropolitan University Specialisms: Womenswear
‘La Disco Inferno’ is inspired by the iconic nightclub Studio 54. The club was visionary and its famously secretive dress code was ahead of its time and its influence of culture and fashion is still palpable today. Metallics, sequins, leather, plunging necklines anything went at Studio 54 and was a source of sexual, gender and creative liberation. Fabric development was a huge part of the construction of my final collection. I also delved into the concept of transformable fashion, as throw away culture in the fashion industry is becoming ever more apparent. Dresses with the same silhouettes and removable skirts were designed in different fabrications so that they are interchangeable with one another, allowing different dress combinations to be created. Jackets with detachable sleeves were also intertwined within the collection. I wanted a collection full of timeless pieces that instead of being thrown away, can be reborn.

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