Final Collection Portfolio

Sofia Jovellana

Location: Rochester,United Kingdom
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester
Specialisms: Fashion Design
My undergraduate collection was mainly inspired by surrealism and seeing things in a different way. I have always been interested and challenged seeing things differently and how they may have different meanings to what they purely are. The collection involved lots of deconstruction when it came to design development as well as working with the wrong side as the right side, focusing it on the details (e.g. pad-stitching on the cuff being exposed instead of hit being hidden). I also did my best to incorporate sustainability to my collection, hence sourcing my materials nearby the community I live. All of my fabrics were deadstock and some of them were from charity shops, along with my buttons being made and sourced by a mudlarker in the local area. I wanted my collection to give a rustic and raw feel, almost an element of being imperfect.

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