Final Collection Portfolio

Nisam Limbu

Location: Rochester,United Kingdom
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester
Specialisms: Fashion Design
My collection is called Into the Water is a homage to my Nepalese and Limbu heritage. Little is known about my culture especially in the mainstream media. Now I am Introducing it to the world. Starting by looking into my ancestorial nomadic culture who come from the Himalayas of Nepal, I was inspired by folklore about a certain journey. they went on a tough and strenuous journey on the hills with Yaks and Buffalos using them to cross a dangerous river. The animals assisted on their travel and therefore they became spiritually awoke. I looked into Nepali women in villages, closely examing the traditional dress, jewellery and the surrounding landscapes to capture the essence of the past. Leading me onto experimenting with ceramics influenced by the soft river stones creating soft sculpture, influencing the way I design.

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