All Woman

Hannah Mortiboys

Location: London,United Kingdom
University/College: Kingston School of Art
Specialisms: Womenswear
ALL WOMAN is inspired by the courage of my mum’s holistic approach to treating her breast cancer and by my experiences during the pandemic lockdown. Both made me face my fears and search for a new way of living. ALL WOMAN integrates living in harmony with nature and celebrating the diversity of being a woman. I came across the idea of Urban Permaculture, whereby you can be sustainable and self-sufficient whilst living within a city. This first inspired me to grow vegetables during lockdown. My initial idea came from the question, ‘What would you wear whilst gardening?’ My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago. She chose a holistic approach to heal, integrating leading-edge science with mind, body, spirit and nature. She is my inspiration. ALL WOMAN is about loving the female body, embracing the beauty of a woman’s body sensitive areas such as the breast, shoulder, lower back, buttock and thigh, highlighting the organic curves within the folds and creases.

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