NEWGEN will now encompass Accessories (including all categories such as shoes, bags, hats, jewellery & fine jewellery). Historically NEWGEN has always been open to accessories, and now Rock Vault and Headonism will be absorbed under the NEWGEN initiative, demonstrating the breadth and depth of emerging talent we have, across all designer fashion categories in the UK. We will have specific panels - one focused on Ready to Wear (RTW) and the other on Accessories. Sarah Mower MBE will lead the RTW panel and Stephen Jones OBE and Stephen Webster MBE will lead the Accessories panel alongside other accessories experts. 



NEWGEN recipients will receive regular mentoring and financial support.  Bursaries are at the discretion of the BFC, based on recommendations by the panel of experts.  All designers will be required to actively participate in business support and mentoring to help develop their businesses as well as their profile as part of this support scheme.



NEWGEN is open to menswear, womenswear and accessories businesses whose businesses are based in the UK.
All designer applicants must have a minimum of two stockists (this cannot include own store or webstore) and must be under three years in business to qualify for review.


To apply for NEWGEN 2018, click here


For any further queries please contact:
Isabella Davey, Showcasing Executive
Tel: +44 (0) 20 7759 1978