The British Fashion Council is activating a long term plan to fight prejudice and discrimination and galvanise the industry into action.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At the British Fashion Council, we value the differences that a diverse workforce brings to the organisation and are fully committed to the elimination of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Our values are clear: We are forces for Change; We are United; We strive for Excellence and We are Innovative. Central to these values is the commitment to champion diversity, equity and inclusion and work together to deliver positive change.

We encourage a culture which empowers, values, nurtures, supports and rewards our employees and promotes a positive environment with a focus on team collaboration and open communication. We want our employees to bring their true self to work and we commit to developing their skills and advance their careers in a culture of creativity.

We celebrate and champion multiple approaches and points of view and believe diversity drives innovation.


Together we are building a culture based on meritocracy, openness, fairness and transparency, where difference and allyship are valued. 

The British Fashion Council Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy applies to all employees, secondees, agency staff, clients, communities, suppliers and contractors, whether permanent or temporary. The policy applies to all processes relating to employment and training and to any dealings with members, customers and clients. It also applies to all applicants seeking employment with the British Fashion Council.

Read the full Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Policy

Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

The Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, is an essential part of our long-term plan to fight prejudice and discrimination and galvanise the industry into action. The Committee is made up of industry and BFC representatives and its role is to address key challenges facing minority communities in gaining fair representation within the fashion industry.

The Committee’s priorities include stamping out racism and addressing the specific challenges each minority community faces within the fashion industry. The Committee works as part of the Institute of Positive Fashion to set the bar for accountability and best practice for all fashion businesses, and alongside the wider BFC team to address existing programmes.

Mission Statement

“The Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee aspires for the fashion industry to be open for all and reflect the diverse, global communities it inspires and serves. 

The Committee aims to reach this ambition by bringing together leaders in business, culture and education to create a framework which will build better, broader engagement and access for all under-represented groups; creating more opportunities and driving greater diversity throughout the industry.

Its ambition is to  create true equity, increase diversity and inclusion and provide a platform to role models who will inspire future generations."

In year one, the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Group commits to:

  1. Create a D&I framework fashion businesses of all sizes can implement to reach global leading standards: The BFC will support businesses through providing practical advice and toolkits to ensure organisations can create change and measure their successes.
  2. Ensure development programmes  are fair and equitable for all: The BFC will review all its current programmes, from scholarships to Fashion Weeks. In addition, the Council will look at Talent ID programmes and networks to ensure that diverse perspectives and voices are heard during selection processes.
  3. Create inclusive cultures: The need for inclusive representation has never been  The BFC will challenge and address racism, prejudice and biases and will promote allyship by providing toolkits that will support both businesses and individuals. The BFC will also address barriers to entry and career progression for underrepresented groups and, specifically, support the development of resources to recognise the influence of black culture on the fashion industry.”

The D&I Steering Committee is made-up of 4 sub-groups:

  1. Business policy & programme developmentAim: Create an industry standard Diversity & Inclusion Benchmark for the global fashion industry
  2. Education & resource development Aim: Reduce barriers to entry faced to education that lead to a fashion-related career, particularly by those facing inequity or inequality (race & social mobility groups will be looked at first)
  3. Mentoring & talent ID Aim: Reduce barriers to entry within the fashion industry faced by talent from diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds & increase representation across all fashion pathways.
  4. Communications to industry and community Aim: Communicate the work of the D&I Steering Committee

Each sub-group is examined through the lens of 4 pillars:

  1. Race
  2. Gender
  3. Disability & Mental Health
  4. Social Mobility


February 2022

BFC Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee Update. During LFW February 2022 BFC held a talk to give an update of the work of the BFC's Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee. Watch the full talk here.

September 2021

BFC announces its new partnership with 50:50 The Equality Project, an initiative created by the BBC for the media industry, as a voluntary monitoring system, with the target of creating content that fairly represents the audiences it serves, to better reflect the world around us. Find out more here

July 2021

We're proud to support the second round of Samuel Ross' Black British & POC Artist Grants scheme focusing on British POC talents within Fashion, Design & The Arts. The objective is to expand the visibility of exceptional young talents primed for academic, creative & commercial success, by offering 10 recipients a £2,500 grant.

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April 2021

British Fashion Council adopts the Halo Code 

BFC announce that it has adopted The Halo Code, the UK's first Black hair code. No Black employee should have to change their natural or protective hairstyle in order to thrive at work. The BFC hopes that industry adoption of the Halo Code will move the company one step closer to a world free from discrimination, where all Black members of our community have their identities fully recognised and celebrated.

More information on how to adopt the Halo Code, can be found here.

December 2020

Introduction of 'People' category at The Fashion Awards

The Fashion Awards 2020 honoured and celebrate the designers, brands, creatives and individuals who have created positive change within the fashion industry this year; from those who bravely faced this challenging period with pro-active responses to the global pandemic, showed leadership and creative resilience, to the ones who stood up against prejudice within the fashion industry and fight for change.

November 2020

Caroline Rush, BFC CEO becomes Creative Ally Champion as part of BBC Creative Allies Tool launch

The BBC’s Creative Diversity Unit, led by June Sarpong launched the Creative Allies Initiative, uniting organisations inside and outside the creative industry to promote the concept of allyship. Caroline Rush, BFC CEO is amongst a number of Creative Ally Champions who have all pledged to develop the next generation of creative leaders from backgrounds that are currently underrepresented in their organisations. Additionally, the leaders pledged to demonstrating their commitment to inclusion through the promotion of allyship, which is where people - at any level in an organisation - can support colleagues who may have had fewer advantages than them in life. The ambition is that many more leaders within the creative industry and beyond will also sign up as allies.

October 2020

BFC’S IPF launches long term project to celebrate British black fashion & culture 

The BFC’s Institute of Positive Fashion announce its second project, The Missing Thread, in partnership with the Black Oriented Legacy Development Agency. The project will celebrate British Black Fashion & Culture from 1975 to now through a series of programmed events, culminating in a major exhibition in summer 2022.

The fashion industry currently lacks a resource of vital Black British contributions from a cultural, design and socio-political perspective, having erased many important historical narratives. The cost of neglecting these stories is detrimental to the industry as a whole. Going forward, design knowledge and history must be taught with an appreciation and awareness of the cultural contributions of all races to the fabric of British society.

The project is inspired by Joe Casely-Hayford who paved the way for Black designers working in the UK today and altered the course of this trajectory. This project honours the powerful legacy that he left behind him.

September 2020

Launch of the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee

British Fashion Council announced the Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee, an essential part of its long-term plan to fight prejudice and discrimination and galvanise the industry into action. The Committee is made up of industry and BFC representatives and its role will be to address key challenges facing minority communities in gaining fair representation within the fashion industry.

June 2020

The BFC has took a series of actions to fight prejudice and discriminations that include:

  1. The appointment of three new Non-Executive Directors to its Executive Board: Jamie Gill, Chief Executive Roksanda; June Sarpong OBE, Director of Creative Diversity BBC; Scott Morrison, Founder The Boom!
  2. The diversity monitoring of initiatives and business support programmes
  3. Hosting fortnightly calls with the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic fashion community while developing its Diversity & Inclusion Steering Committee. The calls allowed participants to address challenges and start working on solutions and next steps for the industry. More than 200 industry professionals were invited to join the calls.
  4. The creation of a Diversity & Inclusion Internal Working Group whose role is to make sure it moves the D&I agenda forward internally with a yearlong strategy.

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A Conversation with GQ Style: How Creativity can Create Unity

Caroline Rush, CEO of British Fashion Council introduces a panel of the GQ Style team answering questions which have been asked by the public through social media and discussing the fashion industry then and more importantly now during this momentous time of change.

Depop and the British Fashion Council present Black in Fashion

Back in October, depop joined forces with the British Fashion Council to host Black in Fashion - a virtual discussion about the contributions of Black creatives to UK fashion.

Diversity and Change in the Fashion Industry

Kenya Hunt, Fashion Director of Grazia UK, talks to Bethann Hardison, the pioneering fashion advocate, former model and agent best known for her work creating change within the fashion industry as it relates to diversity. 

Gender euphoria and allyship

Josh Rivers, creator and host of the podcast Busy Being Black, speaks to journalist Phillip Picardi (formerly CCO at Teen Vogue and founder of .them), fashion designer Charles Jeffrey, and gender non-conforming musician James Potter from the Scottish band Walt Disco about their personal experiences with faith and identity; how they fell in love with fashion; and how individual actions can lead to collective change.

Home Away From Home with Danshan

In celebration of Lunar New Year, we spoke to fashion design duo Danshan, about future family members, flowers and taking a break from fashion month. View the full series, available on YouTube and WeChat.

Home Away From Home with Nuria Ma

In celebration of Lunar New Year, we spoke to Nuria Ma, fashion influencer and design school student about self-expression, NEWGEN designer Yuhan Wang and appreciating spending time with loved ones.

Home Away From Home with Yoonmi Kim

In celebration of Lunar New Year, Yoonmi Kim, Korean stylist, spoke to us about her love of walking, tradition and family.

How a fashion superbrand is evolving with the times

Tommy Hilfiger talks to Financial Times' Jo Ellison about his brand’s work around inclusivity, equal opportunities and environmental initiatives.

Institute of Positive Fashion Forum 2021

The Institute of Positive Fashion Forum brought together leading voices from the fashion industry and beyond to unpack key issues facing the fashion industry ahead of COP26, the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference, hosted in Glasgow in November. 

Making the Business Case for Diversity in Fashion

How can a business arguably built on keeping people out let more people in? In this episode of The Business of Fashion, Imran Amed heads to Paris to chat with Harper’s Bazaar Editor in Chief Samira Nasr to learn about her rise in an industry that's systematically excluded people of color. In London, fashion leaders Sinéad Burke, June Sarpong and Jamie Gill explain how they see the gilded doors of luxury fashion being thrown open, and how the businesses that rely on it will benefit financially.

Navigating the Fashion Industry as a Marginalised or Minority Voice | Graduate Preview 2021

As part of the BFC’s continued efforts to support excellence in design by nurturing the next generation of creative talent, we present Graduate Preview 2021.

Standing up against Asian Hate in fashion

The journalist Susie Lau, aka Susie Bubble, hosts a touching and emotional conversation with her friend, the designer Prabal Gurung, about issues around racism towards the Asian community in the fashion industry, and the Slaysians initiative he has built aimed at promoting positive change.

The Fashion Awards 2020 | People

The category recognises those who have led change from head office to supply chain.

Transformation and evolution

Zinnia Kumar, the model, cultural advisor and writer, talks to London-based designer Kaushik Velendra about overcoming culture shock and systemic discrimination as well as discussing their contribution to an Indian luxury fashion renaissance.

Waking up to Racism in the Fashion Industry

Elgar Johnson, Fashion Director at GQ Style, leads a discussion with Priya Ahluwalia, Designer of the label Ahluwalia, and Gary Armstrong, Senior Fashion Editor at GQ Style, relating from personal experience how racism manifests in the British fashion industry, and how to implement effective change. 

"How To Become" Bianca Saunders | Video Series With Fashion Trailblazers | Wonderland x BFC

Brand new video series "How To Become", spotlighting only the most innovative and boundary-pushing names in fashion.

International Women's Day - Kenya Hunt

Kenya Hunt, EIC of Elle UK during our event celebrating the industry leaders of change and International Women's Day at the British Embassy in Paris. 

International Women's Day - Orsola de Castro

Orsola de Castro, co-founder of Fashion Revolution during our event celebrating the industry leaders of change and International Women's Day at the British Embassy in Paris. We spoke to influential womxn within the fashion industry to discover how we can have a positive impact, collaborate to create an inclusive future and recognise the intersection of womxns experience within the industry including environmentalism, social justice and creativity.

International Women's Day - Susie Lau
Susie Lau fashion writer and columnist at es Magazine during our event celebrating the industry leaders of change and International Women's Day at the British Embassy in Paris.
The Importance of Black Fashion & Music Culture to British Fashion

A panel to discuss the intersection between music and fashion, leading into conversations around streetwear, high fashion, music and Black narratives and culture - it’s legacy and culture.

Verified Opportunities for Change within the Fashion Space

Scott Morrison, June Sarpong and Caroline Rush discuss the ‘Opportunities for Change within the Fashion Space’ focusing on representation within the fashion industry, shining a light on opportunities for change. 

Fostering the Next Generation of Creative Talent

Fostering the Next Generation of Creative Talent with Kenya Hunt, Karen Binns, Daniel Peters and Nell Kalonji.

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