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Today, time and the perception of time has to be considered. That to become a designer overnight is only for a few and that most of us take a life time to achieve, if we ever.  But time is key to build experience, understand the failure as well as the success, to explore beyond the walls of education and find your wider tribe…this all takes time and it is valuable, valid and with a commitment and tenacity that is required in our global world right now. Of course there is a parallel time set where everything moves very fast and instincts here are essential - hence the real truth of your own sense of self is so key in defining your next steps whether in the fast time or the slow time of your life, adventure and routes.

RCA FASHION ask you to be true. 

Image Credit: Keiga Hua Hui


Graduate Preview 2021 Featured Students:

Abi Sheng
Bea Bruecker
Daisy Suh Woo Park
Dimitris Karagiannakis
Dorota Bojanowska
fey fey Yufei Liu
Gyouree Kim
Hye Min Kim
Jie Hu
Jungna Nana Park
Junyi Li
Keiga Hua Hui
Kijeong Choi
Lamp Lee
Liner Shen
Linxi Zhu
Linyun Yu
Panny Yu
Pindiga Ranjith Kumar
Qiuyun Li
Rachel Xinrui Wu
Sam Chester
Seungmin Koh!
Siqi Fang
Su Bin Choe
Tae Choi
Xiaoling Jin
Yantong Chen
Ye Yuan
Yunpei Li
Zixuan He


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