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Fashion at the Royal College of Art has established a new series of platforms – Optimal Systems, Digital 360 and Bio as Design that expands the practise of fashion. This is not exclusive of values, economy and philosophy of self; taking on board the myriad of potentials that need investigating to assure a practise that can reveal, include and express the question of identity for our future.

Fashion has recently worked with Intelligent Mobility collaborating with Porsche, and Design Directions with Microsoft; had the first Fashion designers to be supported by Innovation RCA and Fashion Bio design with the Onassis Fellowship in Athens and Open Cell in London. Zowie Broach has been voted into the top 500 Fashion Leaders, Business of Fashion for the last five years and was a member of the British Fashion Trust jury this past year.


Graduate Preview 2020 Featured Students:

Fi Grew
Lee Hurst
Yufei Hu
Ignacio Garcia Martinez
Christine Hejselbæk - SOS
Jing Liu
Shuai Zeng
Dongni Zhang
Andrew Culloo
Ruoxing Long
Mariana Malta
Sungmin Cho JADEN
Marcella Balterete
Zhe Yin
Jin (Lesley) Danni
Yibo Chen
Shuin Zhao
Yishi Lui
Joanathan Coleman
Yi Liu
Man Loy Chan
Donghun Han PETER
Mei Sze Tsang
Veronica Chen
Tianan Ding
Yijie Song HENRY
Danielle Elsener
Ellen Fowles
Eva Bartha LILI
Jake Treddenick
Sushila Pun
Yang Liu
Pui Sho So - ERICA
Hanqing Ding
Mengqi Xue
Eleana Burrows
Amaranthe Frost
Zhenzhu Wang
Jenniferr Gibson
Yueming BAO
Chenge Guo
Luwen Huang
Yunfei Ma
Maria Ashworth ISABEL


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