William Richard Green

William Richard Green
DESIGNER NAME: William Richard Green

ORIGIN: Born in the countryside near Birmingham, Green moved to London for university.

BACKGROUND: Green trained on Savile Row and at David David; this juxtaposition of experience gave him an insight into craftsmanship and cut mixed with the light, playful nature of a graphics-based street wear label. In 2009, he earned a degree from Central Saint Martins.

SIGNATURES: “Playful, utilitarian, masculine and polka dots.”

“A really rich chav who likes to dress like a clown.”

TRADEMARK PIECE: “A variation on a boiler suit I guess.”

ON BRITISH MENSWEAR: “The UK has a lot of support for young designers, with schemes from the British Fashion Council and Fashion East. The look of British menswear seems to be a lot more varied than elsewhere, and it seems that British menswear designers are changing and influencing the look of menswear worldwide, largely, for the better.”

THE COLLECTION: “It will be based on a fictional story and each outfit will reflect a different character, through their personality and role in the story. Within that, I will be exploring menswear’s relationship with pockets as well as masculinity and what it means to be British in the 21st Century. All of course sourced and manufactured within the UK.”

CULTURAL INFLUENCES: “My design is massively influenced by British culture. I look at what could be described as the ‘anti-postcard’ version of Britain. I try as much as possible to not look at fashion at all when in the design process. I work in music and although I don’t take direct influence from a particular aesthetic, I’m certain I feel there is a connection between the two, despite my efforts to keep them separate. My collections seem to be getting more and more monotone and industrial as does my music production. I am fascinated by the world of architecture and its relationship to its surroundings so that it always features in some way.” 

“Hopefully it will grow and I will continue to develop my relationships with British manufacturing and industry. I have a couple of exciting collaborations coming up with brands that are very important to me.”

6 Galaxy House
32 Leonard Street

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