Tomasz Donocik

Tomasz Donocik
Born in Poland and raised in Austria, Tomasz Donocik came to Central Saint Martins in London where he thrived in the creative environment. Captivated by jewellery design, Donocik honed his jewellery skills at the world-renowned Royal College of Art.

As an artisan of jewellery, Donocik’s perfectionist character is exemplified in the creative process: from story concept to the execution of the final jewellery piece. It is the striving for the perfect design for his ideas that drive Donocik to combine materials, employ new technologies and find the most exquisite stones.

The fusion of leather with precious stones and metals sets his work apart from other brands. His fine leather is the ultimate luxury, crossing the boundary between high accessory and precious jewellery.

Tomasz Donocik’s fearless brand is widely recognised by the extraordinary one-off couture pieces that have graced the pages of Vogue and the FT How to Spend It.Since the Chesterfield Cuff – Donocik’s first celebrated design: he has pushed the boundaries of jewellery design to create bejewelled Phoenix, Snakes and endangered birds that encircle the fingers and become modern treasures.

Donocik has amassed awards from The Goldsmiths’ Company, Retail Jeweller, Couture and many more for his avant-garde jewels. Selling through boutiques and department stores in the UK, Japan and other countries.
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