Daisy Robbins

Location: London,United Kingdom
University/College: Kingston School of Art
Specialisms: Mens Knit
Many of my family members are adopted. I wanted to take this ‘adoptive’ culture and implement it into this collection. Using old photographs and strong memories of people I consider family lead my design process, with these reference points helping to establish silhouette, fabrication and print designs. To reinforce my concept, I also collaborated with my granddad, who created some of the prints that are featured in the collection. I am aspiring to create menswear pieces that herald the new wave of softer, more experimental fashions for men. A large number of fabrics from my collection were sustainable; I achieved this through sourcing second-hand and dead-stock fabrics. Sustainability and long lasting fashion is an integral part of my design process, and I have tried to create pieces that are adaptations of timeless silhouettes, meaning that hopefully these items will surpass trends, making them inherently more environmentally viable.

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