The British Fashion Council, The Outsiders Perspective and the (Fashion) Minority Report, with the support of McKinsey & Company as knowledge partner, publish new report into diversity in the UK fashion industry and reveal how it can unlock business

23 January 2024

Download The UK Fashion DEI Report 2024 here.

Jamie Gill, Founder, The Outsiders Perspective, and BFC Non-Executive Director: Our catwalks are diverse, our campaigns are diverse, our consumers are diverse, but our workforce and our decision-makers are not. There is a solid business case for a diverse team, which is arguably most relevant for fashion. We, as an industry, should be leading the charge - because we have the most to gain.”

The British Fashion Council, The Outsiders Perspective and the (Fashion) Minority Report together with the support of McKinsey & Company as knowledge partner, have brought together a wealth of industry expertise to launch the inaugural UK Fashion DEI Report 2024. The report is a comprehensive review of the state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the UK Fashion industry based upon the findings from The UK Fashion DEI Census and other new data sets.

The report reveals that despite a demonstrable positive shift in fashion’s public-facing persona, the sector can accomplish much more by diversifying its corporate representation, including executive positions. There is an intrinsic link between leadership diversity and company performance – and the report sets out a business case with measurable levers to accelerate diversity, talent recruitment and retention.


  • 9% of executives and boards in the UK fashion industry are held by people of colour, and 39% by women.
  • 11% of executive team and board “Power Roles” (being namely CEO, CFO, Chair and Creative Director) are held by people of colour, and 24% by women.
  • 86% of white men in the industry believe the industry is diverse. 46% of women of colour believe the industry is diverse.
  • 17% of companies have published quantitative DEI targets (as opposed to 56% who have published sustainability targets)
  • Of the top quartile of diverse businesses globally, 35% of their executive teams and board are people of colour, 50% are women

Daniel Peters, Founder, the (Fashion) Minority Report: “A sense of belonging applies to all our people, but a considered approach is needed for those from underrepresented groups. Business can then benefit from their perspective and thrive.”

The report offers three strategic levers for immediate and long-term effect; lead from the top, get the data, systems and pathways -  a circular system that can help UK fashion businesses to increase representation through holistic business measures.

Caroline Rush, Chief Executive, British Fashion Council: “We must recognise that there is a key business opportunity in dismantling barriers, fostering inclusivity and ensuring we are truly listening to and amplifying underrepresented voices. The report makes it clear that there are undeniable benefits of having a diverse workforce. This is a wake-up call for all of us - we as an industry need to embrace DEI as a lever for advantage. It is critical for brands and organisations to align their external messaging and internal practices to authentically and tangibly contribute to DEI goals.”

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