Isobel Blackhurst Camelo

Location: Kent,England
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester
Specialisms: Fashion Atelier BA (HONS)
This concept is deeply rooted in tradition, exploring the pre-Colombian gold craftsmanship belonging to three main tribes dating from the 10th -16th century. The notion of this collection is to examine the shapes and formations that can be found in the gold figures that were produced by the indigenous tribes. Mainly being the Arhuacos and the Misak. Both tribes and cultures express their costume in different ways. Alongside traditional Colombian costume, key to both looks in the collection is the use of a draped scarf also focusing on the traditional craft of Bespoke Tailoring. I aim to reflect the techniques of the craft in the tailored garments created in this collection. Key tailoring aspects and full hand-crafted bespoke construction of the jacket forms how unique the brand Golden Roots is. The aim of this collection is to present Colombia's diverse cultural heritage through its native clothing and unique artwork with a contemporary modern essence.

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