Nicole Canelas

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Middlesex University Specialisms: Womenswear
My latest collection is called Wisteria. Is a journey of everlasting wisdom. a constant search of knowledge burst full of warm beauty, love, creativity, innocence and purity. This collection brings the innocence of my childhood, it’s a poem where I paint the lines of life, using the shape of a flower to represent it. When I started designing and creating this collection I knew the main point for me was to grow up with whatever I was creating. This collection is a professional and personal development where I explore the beauty of tailoring. To this collection I decided to explore a light version of tailoring almost to match the softness of a flower. Using the shape of a flower I draped with the same to incorporate it into my garments, with this I developed my skills in pattern cutting by developing this flower shape garments. Wisteria represents a warm welcome to life and beautiful memory of childhood.

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