Olubunmi Obayomi

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Middlesex University Specialisms: Womenswear / Print
The idea for this project comes from my inherent love for sustainability. This has been a great influence on my method of working. I was inspired by some fabrics that have been passed down my family for ages. My fascination with these old fabrics is their sustainable nature and especially the natural dyes that were used in making them. This is what I have sought to replicate in my project. I used recycled material and other things that would otherwise have ended up in rubbish dumps. The materials I used were sourced from charity shops, clothes bins and old clothes from my closet. I used the shibori technique in a bid to upcycle the old clothes. I collected some used tea stirrers from cafes around and also some discarded rubber bands from my local post office. It is with these that I tied patterns into my fabric. I then prepared the dye. Initially, I experimented with old unused fruit and outdated coffee.

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