The Future is Now


Location: london,United Kingdom
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Epsom
Specialisms: WOMENSWEAR
I’m dedicated to bringing the beauty of every person to the forefront of their exterior through style choices they make. For me, fashion and art are the way of life. My hope is to share futuristic and innovative outcomes of the new collection “The future is now” where completely fresh ideas are being used. Style and practicality standing together in pair, and for me it’s an unbreakable duo. I’ve created a timeless, adjustable, personalised pieces that should be used more and more to bring the futuristic world to our homes. The luxurious brand Lodestone is all about fit and usefulness of the fabrics, famous pieces like the long puffer jacket suit everyone from size 6-14 makes it a timeless piece in wardrobe. Personalised style that can be adjust is an innovation of look and technical construction of the clothes. Pieces like sleeves and length of some of the garments are fully adjustable so person can enjoy it in different weather or occasion.

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