Female Oppression

Georgia Stevenson

Location: Kent,England
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester
Specialisms: Fashion Atelier - BA (HONS)
My concept has been inspired by female oppression exploring its journey from the past, present and future. Focusing on the suffragette movement studying their clothes and the societal fashion in which the suffragettes rebelled against. Fashion during the 1900s was restrictive lacking practicality symbolizing only wealth, power and was a sharp contrast to the masculine clothing the suffragettes opted to wear. I was inspired by the courage and resilience the suffragettes had which enabled them to rebel against the other half of society. The actions they took to achieve their right to vote clearly showed their passion and their success as the suffragette’s wardrobe consisted of masculine clothing taken from their husband’s wardrobe. Doing this not only liberated women in terms of fashion but also successfully mocked and emasculated men. Along with exploring female oppression I have decided to look to the future also drawing inspiration from the dystopian novel the Handmaids Tale.

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