Crowland Abbey

India-Grace Stoby

Location: Kent,England
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester
Specialisms: Fashion Atelier BA (HONS)
Living opposite Crowland Abbey has given me an opportunity to explore the grounds and observe the architecture of this, now derelict, monastery over the years. Fascinating, the elements of the cohesion of the harsh linear facade of the Abbey paired with the delicate ruins as you venture around to the back. This is mirrored throughout the grounds contrasting the fragility of the crumbling ruins and sturdiness of the robust body of the church. The subtlety and fluidity of the crumbling nature of stone ruins are inspiring; whilst they are vastly composed of contrasting materials, there is a sense of characteristic harmony of delicacy and gracefulness. Interpreting my collection and the Abbey, articulating my perspective in a concise manner; focusing on a mixture of soft sewing and sharp tailoring to illustrate the fragility of the ruins, taking you on a journey around the Abbey within the garments, perhaps revealing new, unexpected details as you travel around the figure.

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