Where the Past and the Future Meets

Karolina Karpaviciute

Location: Kent,England
University/College: University for the Creative Arts Rochester
Specialisms: Fashion Atelier BA (HONS)
Born and raised in Lithuania during the 90s, I had a chance to experience life without the influence of the internet, social media. However, even if I am not a true digital native, in today’s world, technology affects my everyday life. People like Greta Thunberg, who fights for climate change, or Faron Alex Paul fighting against stabbings in London. These two topics are something that I have had a personal connection with during my younger years and felt a strong link with. Taking inspiration from the 1980s power suits representing Millennials, and latest Gen Z sportswear, which have flourished through the current pandemic on social media. I combined bespoke tailoring with sportswear to build a solid protective body for jackets but also used technical materials, such as stab proof Kevlar for canvases. Crucially, I am referencing the digital age through 3D printing technology, having created 3D fabrics in my collection.

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