Pictorial Garden

Joana Dias

Location: London,United Kingdom
University/College: Kingston School of Art
Specialisms: Womenswear Knit
I am Joana, a fashion designer fascinated by knitwear, print and textiles. After watching a documentary named “The life of linen” depicting the 1940s Portuguese countryside, I fell in love with the simple, highly sustainable and beautiful process of homemade linen, from plant to fabric. In the Douro region, harvesting linen was not only a daily task which would normally pay for rent, but also, a moment of celebration and happiness. My silhouettes are an interpretation of what Portuguese ladies used to wear on these occasions, huge skirts with infinite layers of prints. My passion for craft and the magic associated with everything we are able to create with our own hands, inspired me to combine my country’s heritage with the Bauhaus, Anni Albers’s pictorial weavings and Barbara Hepworth’s marvellous sculptures.

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