Daughter Of Soul

Tiana Esparon

Location: London,United Kingdom
University/College: Kingston School of Art
Specialisms: Womenswear Knitwear
Growing up in London I've always been around different cultures, art and music. One of my favourite things to do as a child was to visit the museums in South Kensington with my family, and even now I still enjoy a trip to the Science Museum. At 16 I went to the Brit School to study Visual Arts and Design and at 18 I did my foundation in Fashion Design. I learnt how to knit as a child, but it wasn't until I was at the Brit school that I learnt about all the possibilities there were when creating textiles. I love the freedom that comes with creating the fabrics as well as designing the clothes and since then, all of my work has a strong focus on textiles - mostly through hand knit and crochet. My research for ‘Daughter of Soul’ started with my family. Looking through old photo albums and hearing stories about birthdays parties, weddings and family dinners, I realized how important it is to feel connected to family through dance, food and music.

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