The Love Potion

James Hunt-Cosh

Location: Cardiff,United Kingdom
University/College: Cardiff Metropolitan University
Specialisms: Womenswear
I am a mixed-wear, luxury fashion designer, specialising in textile print and illustration. My aesthetic is influenced by my pagan mother, who claimed to sense spirit, creating an alchemical universe. This transported me to a world more magical than our own. My graduate collection is inspired by this mystical universe, with feelings of romanticism and love creating the theme. An article by 'The New Yorker' called 'Astrology in the age of uncertainty' spoke about how in times of crisis, people turn towards hierarchy and mysticism for signs of hope. Covid-19 was no exception, creating feelings of unease and loneliness over lockdown, especially for love seekers. Love was a core theme in this project, with love inspiring my research towards compatibility in astrology, and it's use to manipulate fate. Love also inspired me to research the romanticism painting movement, with long drapey gowns, elegant movements, and muses that appeared in a dreamy trance.

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