Katrina Joseph

Location: Cardiff,United Kingdom
University/College: Cardiff Metropolitan University
Specialisms: Womenswear
Nu You is a collection and concept based on the future of technological body enhancements. Sci-fi, industrial themes and electronic music acted as main inspirations for the collection. For example, GRIMES’ Miss Anthropocene, Netflix series, Altered Carbon and the game Cyberpunk 2077. These are shown in the collection through; QR code foil and digital prints, discarded Bicycle rubber tubing, spikes and flashes on bright pink. The collection represents the dystopian future and how it’s very possible that humans will become cyborg. Exposure and lack of exposure of the skin was explored, using cut outs, different fabric opacities, skin hugging and large silhouettes. There is a lot of juxtaposition. Alongside the clothing, augmented reality filters (Cyberpunk Nu You) were created using the QR code print. This translates the idea of cyborg well, as you can see the results directly on a human face. The collection provokes thought of how much you would transform yourself into a cyborg.

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