JJ Machado

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Middlesex University Specialisms: Genderless Designer / Corsetry / Tailoring
I am interested in mixed gender/genderless fashion and haute couture. I specialise in tailoring, corsetry. For my final collection, I wanted to showcase my skills and identity to their fullest. I drew inspiration from the film "Victor/Victoria" and from classical garments, upon which I based the design work for my collection.Femuline consists of a junction of the adjectives "feminine" and "masculine", encapsulating the idea of gender-neutral. As a non-binary individual, I have developed my skills to represent myself in my work, expressed in its truest form as a love letter to fashion's power and presence in shaping identities. In my rendition of non-binary couture, I decided to mix traditionally male and female sartorial attributes. I mixed tailored garments with corseted gown-like pieces to achieve a perfected genderless persona, enveloped in a neutral palette of traditional suiting colours and fabrics with pops of colours and draped silks representative of the female and male auras.

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