No Loitering

Holly Burns

Location: Edinburgh / Manchester, United Kingdom
University/College: Manchester Fashion Institute Specialisms: womenswear, menswear, outdoors, sportswear, knit, print
The inherent value of sustainability is core to my philosophy as a sportswear designer. Within my work across mens and womenswear, I show how these environmental values can be injected into outdoorwear design by incorporating a sense of place through print, knit and materiality. The idea of ‘Place’ can mean many things to many different people, and the same is true when applied to a garment. From the start I set out to create an environmentally ethical collection through the incorporation of this sense of place - through the locally produced yarn, or the incorporation of a map into decorative print. In my opinion, good design is not only what a garment looks like or how it is made, it also lies in the experiences it can facilitate when it is worn. This is why I look forward to designing clothing that goes further and performs better - for everyone.

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