Voices of Nature

Monika Pohorska

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Kingston University Specialisms: Womenswear, Print, Textiles
“Voices of Nature” is a womenswear collection where print is the prominent factor. The prints are inspired by nature and mythologies that are explanations of nature's forces. They embody what was unexplainable for our ancestors, thunder, sea, spring, and fertility. By combining natural colours and prints inspired by patterns and figures from mythology, this collection captures the beauty and complexity of natural landscapes, as well as mythical qualities and the themes they influence. My designs incorporate rich textiles and patterns inspired explicitly by my Czech background as well as other European, South American and African cultures. The dresses have elements of fantasy and mythology, including silhouettes inspired by folk costumes, and geometric shapes inspired by trees and plants. The centrepiece of the collection is a series of dresses. These garments are elegant, sophisticated and modern, yet capture the mythical aspects of print design and the spiritual symbols of nature.

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