Deformed Beauty

Kieran Pruett

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Middlesex University Specialisms: Print
With my collection, I have created a utopia that is free of self-loathing, misogyny, transphobia and bigotry. I am a proud non-binary, deformed individual who as an artist and designer wishes to eradicate my insecurities and use them as inspiration for my work. I am drawn to flamboyance, regality and fun and I have created a collection that exudes just that. In terms of silhouette and style, I looked to the great monarchs of the past who dressed in such grandeur and elegance that regrettably is not prevalent today. Researching royalty seemed like an appropriate and thoughtful choice. My collection exudes a sense of luxury and extravagance. Through ruffling and bold silhouettes, I aimed to construct garments that make people feel like their most flamboyant selves. I looked to my own clothing for inspiration. I loved the idea of taking garments from my own wardrobe and draping them in unique ways. In doing so, I have created unexpected silhouettes that embody my personal style.

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