Monica Johnson

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Middlesex University Specialisms: Womenswear / Tailoring
My final collection explores the natural processes of decay, aging and using this to inform my design practice. This concept also translates to using deconstruction as a design tool and method, experimenting with how clothing can be decayed. The garments are then reconstructed using visible repair methods as a way of extending this idea of the natural course of aging, wherein garments are made, worn, damaged and repaired. The use of tailoring in my collection demonstrates this process in a compelling way, as different parts of the garment can be exposed or unfinished to reveal the construction methods. Traditional tailoring techniques were used in the construction of my garments, with hand sewing exposed on the garments, using this as a design feature. Lingerie is also used in contrast to the tailoring to reflect the concept of decay in terms of the process of undressing.

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