Latoya Davis

Location: London, UK
University/College: University of East London Specialisms: Design, Pattern Cutting, Sewing. Adobe Creative
For my FMP I decided to look into my journey from secondary school and how the clothes made me feel. Making a new Uniform/P. E Kit for other kids/adults to feel comfortable in. P.E class was always my favourite because I was one of the kids who was always good at sports. Growing up I competed in ‘Tower Hamlets Park Harriet’s Club’ with my grandad as my coach, so I was naturally good. It was the only time I was so called “Popular” at school. People would actually want to pick me, (which was very unleavable at times) to be on their team. It was the one lesson i looked forward too, especially ‘Sports Day’, because my name was put down for every track race and I would win all of them for my from the house ‘Newton’. With this collection, I want to make it comfortable, accessible, and stylish to wear as a sports kit as well as a functional streetwear.

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