Danis Thapa

Location: London, UK
University/College: University of East London Specialisms: menswear
An emerging Nepalese designer. My background, shaped by a blend of Western and Eastern cultures—growing up in Hong Kong within a Nepalese household before moving to the UK—is integral to my work. This collection not only embodies the modern approach of these cultural elements but also weaves in personal narratives, reflecting the ongoing evolution of DT’s brand identity. Defined by practicality and modern aesthetics. The collection is characterised by versatile garments suitable for a wide range of occasions and environments, embodying a perfect balance of function and fashion. A hallmark of DT's creative process is the exploration of 'identity' during the pre-collection phase. This involves establishing a 'scaffold system'—a foundational structure that serves as a base for the collection. This approach allows DT to seamlessly fuse contemporary techniques with narratives drawn from tradition, family, friends, and various external influences. Storytelling mediums that weave personal and cultural narratives into each piece. The collections reflect a modern interpretation of cultural elements, capturing the ongoing dialogue between the past and present, and the traditional and contemporary. By integrating personal stories and cultural nuances, DT's work resonates deeply, offering a unique perspective on the construction of identity. The ‘FMP collection’ extends the theme of ‘contruxtion’ from the pre-collection, embodying the ongoing construction of DT’s brand identity intertwined with my father’s background in construction. It serves as a space to explore identity through semiology, time, and metaphysical symbolism. With a focus on workwear attire, inspired by family narratives, ‘Workwear decoded’ emphasizes functional details and blends past elements with contemporary style. This collection reflects a scaffolded approach to understanding how workwear is worn by family members, illuminating its practical and functional aspects within everyday life


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