Tamsen Mellor-Gardner

Location: Oxford,UK
University/College: Bucks New University
Specialisms: BA (Hons) Fashion Design: Ladieswear
My Final Collection was designed with the aim to create awareness of the save the bees campaign and the colours and fabrics that might not be available to us if the reduction in bee numbers were to continue. To show what we might start to miss, I used all-natural fibres which could’ve been pollinated by bees. The garments were then dyed using natural dyes such as Logwood and Indigo, this enabled me to show the audience some of the colours that can be created using natural sources. Colour was experimented with during the whole design and manufacture process in order to finalise the colours used on the final pieces. I wanted to create colours and patterns that you wouldn’t normally associate with natural dyes. For example, Lemon juice was used to create a yellow/orange pattern on a logwood dyed deep purple fabric.

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