La Retraite

Ronan Patrick Flanagan

Location: London,United Kingdom
University/College: Kingston School of Art
Specialisms: Menswear
I am a firm believer in creating well-crafted garments that are built to last – throwaway culture is a huge issue in our current society, and I wish to help enforce the idea that we should “buy less and wear more” by focusing on creating high-quality pieces with unique intricacies that tell a story and are functional and adaptable so as to maximise wearability. My graduate collection focuses on these issues, and in this work, I have pushed myself to take risks and to embrace imperfections and unpredictability. The main inspiration for this collection came from the concert pianist Glenn Gould. A prodigy and a genius, Gould was known for his many neuroses and eccentricities as much as for his playing. One of the most prominent of these was his extreme sensitivity to temperature - he was often seen playing in the recording studio wearing multiple heavy coats, scarves, and at least one pair of gloves at any time.

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