Champagne On Deck

Lydia Dunn

Location: Cardiff,United Kingdom
University/College: Cardiff Metropolitan University
Specialisms: Womenswear
Having spent my childhood along the coast and have always loved the sea and outdoors, especially the freedom that comes with it. I often find that the Coast makes its way into my work and acts as a constant inspiration. Days before starting my final year I lost my lovely Grandad. After losing my Grandad I found it hard to find my passion and focus again. I decided to use my work and graduate collection as a way to process my grieve. My Grandad was an incredible and interesting man who worked at sea since he was 18. I have used this time to celebrate and look through some of his amazing photographs, journals, passports and gadgets from his time at sea. I have found basing my graduate collection on my grandad and the sea to be a peaceful way to say celebrate and honour my grandad in my own way, I wanted my collection to represent the fun-loving sailor he was, but of course with my own feminine and playful twist on the industrial/sea theme I chose.

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