dancing with my hands

Kelsey Ann Kasom

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Royal College of Art Specialisms: Sculptural Womenswear
The work explores conflicting sensations through the act of unveiling the intimate relationship I share with the metaphorical power of my material language. Draping for me is like dancing with my hands. A rhythm of make. It is a safe space to translate how I feel into form. Protruding from the hip, opening at the chest for air, encasing the body - a strength visual from the inside-out. These seams control a narrow space between a gradual transition of hand dyed color while concealing what exists inside. Rods within each seam want to explode out of their channels equally as much as they want to feel its protective barrier, creating pressure on its confinement. The work mimics shapes and repetition found in nature. When shapes rest closer to the body in darker hues it is representation of protection. Areas of lighter hues with more negative space represent self-preservation. The movement of these shapes wraps around the body like a cycle of experienced time echoing layers of self.

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