Hands : Material Experience

Hye Cho

Location: London, United Kingdom
University/College: Royal College of Art Specialisms: Womenswear
Hands embody emotion, care and sense. I control and create by hand and everything is made with close care. I'm a designer who works sensitively alone, I naturally repeat the points where I find and test something new within a variable in my design. While I'm working, I continue to allow for the material and physical properties of the material and make clothes through my interpretation of the material. My process starts with the material experience and I aim to explore various materials to fill my collection. About repetition and practice, I think and try material at the same time. I weave and make. Material is revisiting imagination. It's a comprehensive series from the perspective of weaving that I'm looking at right now. I wanted to translate weaving system in different dimension of my own language. Therefore, I'd like to put the contrast of two concepts which are handcrafts and digitalized handcrafts in the collection.

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