The Presentation of Self in Everyday Life

Joshua Samuels

Location: Brighton, UK
University/College: University of Brighton Specialisms: Menswear
"When you were born, you were thrust onto the stage that is your everyday life. You learnt to play your roles through socialisation, where you mimic those who are in turn enacting their assigned roles in interaction with you. Through impression management, you manipulate other's ideas about you, using a variety of communicative devices and sign vehicles. Your clothing is a costume, a prop, changing with your various roles. Using a plethora of developed upcycling techniques, your industrialised, mass produced costume will be transmuted. The semantics embedded within your everyday wardrobe will be recontextualised, metamorphosed, and fragmented. The hybridisation of your clothes will result in the amalgamation of your roles. It will become clear to you that the line between actor and audience was never there, and that you were always both and neither. Your individual identity is an apparition. You are the crowd.

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