Nature Rhythm

Jing Zhao

Location: London, UK
University/College: Royal College of Art Specialisms: Menswear, Accessories, Performance Art
Jing Zhao is a Chinese fashion designer who focuses on menswear and accessories design. He is also a performance artist. He hopes to convey artistic thinking in contemporary fashion. In his MA at the Royal College of Art, he focuses on the topic of humans and nature. He hopes that the relationship between humans and nature is like going back to the beginning, like the original humans who kept reverence and worshiped nature. Trying to communicate with nature, a relationship that is harmonious and integrated. He did performance art to explore the new relationship between man and nature in contemporary times. He has created clay paintings through performance art and a range of textiles through knitting in collaboration with the innovative fabric company Byborre. He has also created a series of bark-textured fabrics by soil dyeing and cyanotype. At the same time, he used soil as a bio-sustainable fabric for his design.

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