Courage and determination


Location: London, UK
University/College: University of East London Specialisms: Fabric Manipulation
My FMP project is to showcase the changes that affected the lives of Devadasis and how society changed their perception of them during the British Colonial era. “Devadasi” refers to a woman who was devoted to the worship and services to the deity/God and dedicated her entire life to work in the temple. They were held in a high rank and dignity in society and were exceptionally affluent as they were seen as protector of the dance form “Sathir Attam”. However, during colonial rule, their very survival became an afterthought to the rich and elite who once praised and treated them with pride and honour. In order to survive, many devadasis were driven to sex work for survival. However, it is also true that there were a few who survived their Pride by continuing to teach the dance forms that they had learnt and practised for the temple gods.

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