Rave Your Pain Away

Zuzana Kodajova

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
University/College: Birmingham City University Specialisms: Menswear
Naming mv brand SARCASTRY, I strive to showcase a distinctive style that can be described as a fusion of punk and street aesthetics, with a touch of intentional messiness. One of the core principles of SARCASTRY is sustainabilitv. I am deeplv committed to reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industrv, reflected through used materials and repurposed or up cycling old clothing; I aim to minimize the consumption of new resources. My final collection was inspired by techno/rave culture and made using only used denim fabric and other materials that would otherwise end up as waste. Further research aims to highlight the sentiment that techno is a space where individuals can revel in their freedom of expression and be whoever thev desire to be, embracing the present moment to the fullest. And that is how I want the individuals who wear SARCASTRY to feel, empowered, rebellious, and confident in their own skin.

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